Shanghai – China

Meet us at Shanghai, China to see Ferro's Organic and Inorganic Pigments
Hybrid Pigments-Ferro Custom Hybrid Pigment Blends
Cool Colors? IR Reflective Pigments

CHINACOAT 2019, was held in Shanghai, China, on November 18-20 and successfully continued its 23-year tradition of being an international connecting point between manufacturers and suppliers in the coatings industry and the Chinese and Asian markets. This year ChinaCoat reached an historic attendance record, with a total of 35,540 trade visitors from 91 countries/regions, and 1,291 exhibitors from 31 countries/regions.

Ferro’s booth showcased Ferro’s Cool Colors® pigments and organic pigments including NIR reflecting pigments and NIR transparent pigments.
These cool pigments do not absorb the NIR portion of wavelengths coming from sunlight providing benefits including:
  • Increased service life due to less thermal stress on the plastic parts
  • Reduced air conditioning and energy consumption
  • Increased comfort
  • Increased Health and Safety
  • Increased protection against thermal degradation of goods packaged with "cool" plastics
  • Ability to recycling black parts to create economical value and reduced waste disposal
Ferro also presented Copper Chromite Black(PBK 28) at the show. As the leading global manufacturer of Copper Chromite Black Spinel (PBk28), this black pigment provides ease of dispersion with excellent dimensional stability resulting in no warping or shrinkage. Itis opaque to visible light and NIR absorbing.

Ferro’s Eco-Lysopac hybrid pigments which are specially formulated to provide a one-product solution for lead chromate pigment replacement, were received a lot of interest by our visitors. Our hybrid pigments are one-pigment solution for a specified shade and can bridge the gap between priced and performance without neglecting environmental considerations.

car shades coated with Ferro pigments
Auto-Shades coated with Ferro Pigments
Last but not least, we were proud to present Ferro's car shades that were coated with our pigments by Ferro’s acquisition of Diegel.




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